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Welcome to Aquarius Massage, a London based escorts agency that provides you with the best yet affordable services you can think of. You are probably thinking of the many other escort sites out there and wondering why this would stand out for any reason at all. Well we have the reasons all written out for you.

Massage Skills

Everyone needs a good massage after a long and stressful day or even after a long and stressful night, when your muscles become tense and all in all you feel a load of discomfort running up and around your body. Massages are great, we all love them but massages are even greater when they are done by someone with skilled hands that knows what muscle to rub next and that is exactly what we provide to you. You have probably heard the saying before but we are true to our word, Here at Aquarius Massage, our escorts come with fantastic massage skills that can prove to be relaxing and can provide you with all of the soothing relief you need. They are trained with the ability to Communicate fluently, understand body languages hence, they can accompany you to your social events or your fun night out, wherever it is you want to go and after say maybe a fun night out in the London clubs of your choice Aquarius Massage escorts will give you a great massage either in her room (private place) or in your hotel room or house – anypreferred place of your choice. Our massage skills is in high demands in most parts of London as a result of how great it is.


Our services do not end there, there is always that moment when you are in your home and you find yourself in need of one of our services of the other or maybe you are at home and you would like to go to a place where you would be able to find relaxation at its very best. The good news is that our escorts are available for out calls to your hotel as well as in calls to their private place any one you would rather have, there is no limit to the wonders of our services. You can get them at the time you need them and at the place you want then to be, ready to give you a relaxing massage.

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For every individual, there is a taste that is peculiar to him – everyone has their preference and we understand that, as a result we have our escorts peculiar to the taste of an individual.They are available for you as you need them to be and they are also available in different kinds, shapes, colour, height to suit your taste. These top class escorts consist of blondes as well as brunettes, we also have the busty and the elite girls. Compared to many other platforms of the same profession, we give you a wide variety to select from. We provide you with escorts that in turn provide you with any one of these of your preferred services, there are the London escorts, as well as the massage escorts that give you the best massage services. We also have the erotic massage and who does not love a good sexy lap dance, our lap dancers are very skilled in the act of making your most wild and amazing sexual fantasies, a reality.

24/7 service

You are probably wondering what time would be best to reach out to us or if we have closing hours or whether or not you can make requests at a certain time and to answer your question, we are available at anytime you need us. At Aquarius Massage, we work around the clock and we are available whenever you may need us to be. We have a 24/7 customer service that is there to attend to your enquiries and an efficient booking staff that allows you a smooth booking process. It is important that you book our escorts a few hours in advance to enable them prepare to give you comfort the right way, without any hassle. To book an escort, all you have to do is contact our booking staff that will guarantee you a smooth booking process. When you call on an Aquarius Massage escort, you get one as soon as you need them with no problem at all and it even gets better.

Beautiful Escorts

Looks is the last thing any client should be worried about when it comes to our escorts, it should be the last question that pops up in your head if it has to pop up at all because in this organisation, we pride ourselves in the fact that our ladies are not only beautiful and great in massaging areas while giving you your highest quality sexual pleasures if needed, they are clean – sexually and hygienically. We make sure that you don’t go through the hassle of having a fun night or day with worries of bad breath, body odour or any sexual related diseases, all of that is kept in check by our employment team. We work with ladies that know how to treat their body right and have great knowledge in treating your body to the relaxation it needs.


Have you had it wrong with an escort agency before? Have you heard about privacy being broken and you have become skeptical about trusting an escort agency? Well it is time to get rid of your doubts because here are Aquarius Massage, we work with confidentiality both of our employees and our clients. We are built on ethics –we respect privacy and as a result have no hard time in protecting your privacy and ensure that your “yay is yay” . Your identity and personal information is highly confidential except in dire cases and if stated otherwise by the client.


We are not restricted to just one part of London, we cover a wide range of major locations including Paddington, Baker Street, Kensington, Mayfair, Bond Street, Marylebone and Marble Arch.Just in case your heart dropped because you do not stay in any one of these locations, you might want to know that our escortsdo not work in these locations alone, they are also able to travel to other parts of London as well and this is only possible as long as they are booked with an hour notice. Booking with an hour notice will give our girls time to prepare properly in order to give you satisfaction.

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